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Blog Change

Hi y’all! I’m sorry it’s been forever since I’ve posted here- this summer’s been busy! BUT I’ve decided to move blogs over to the Blogger platform. I’ll be updating much more regularly than I did this summer, and I hope that some of y’all will care to stop by my new blog and take a look! Here is the link:



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On My Wishlist…

I’ve been reminding myself (and have been reminded) that if I want to study abroad next year, I need to start saving all of my money. For those of you that don’t know me…that’s near impossible for me. It’s equivalent to seersucker going out of style in the south. Under normal circumstances, it would never happen. But Paris is big. Very, very big. So I’ve had to put a giant lock on my bank account, and watch as my wish list gets longer and longer.

So I’m thinking maybe posting my wish list might be therapeutic for me. What’s on y’all’s wish lists? I have a special ¬†folder on my Safari toolbar!



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Home Hoping

I’ve been dealing with a bit of drama trying to figure out my housing situation for next semester. When dreaming of college in high school I never even considered that where I would live would be anything close to a problem, or any kind o stress inducer. So when I go to Pinterest I’m in dream land, just daydreaming of the day I can settle down and decorate and be happy.

Photos via Pinterest


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Really, South Carolina?

Really, Columbia South Carolina? It’s as cold now as it is in Paris? Don’t you think there’s something a little wrong when I wake up in the morning shivering inside my house? The high will be in the 90s later this week…let’s do an even compromise: a nice 77 degrees. Come on, I know you can do it.

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No Big Deal…

Just skyping with Weego from the Superbowl Bud Light Commercial. Whatevs, it’s a normal afternoon at the University of South Carolina.

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My Week According to Instagram

My first cake! I’ve made plenty of cupcakes, cookies, and dinners before, but this was my first cake for my mama’s birthday. Are you proud?

A vase of flowers I arranged, also for my mama’s birthday. All the flowers from Publix, by the way.

A puppy my friend was this close to adopting. She’s only 6 weeks old, folks!

Two new bracelets I got from Handpicked. I told y’all I love that store. They were only $6 each!

My new Kate Spade investments: gold confetti mugs and plates!

Picking the strawberries for my strawberry ice cream!

A little frog that hops onto my kitchen window during the summer is finally here! Which means it’s officially spring/summer!

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Paris is Calling

The time is coming to decide whether or not I want to study abroad, and for how long, and where. I’ve always wanted to study abroad in Paris, but seeing as I’ve only taken one actual course in French, I know the language barrier may be a problem. I’ve never heard anyone say they regretted studying abroad, but I’m nervous! I know if I study abroad for a semester there will be plenty of trips to go on and plenty of exploring in Paris itself.

Then the question is for how long. I can go a semester (next spring) or next summer, if I don’t want to go away for so long. The problem with summer is that it costs extra for tuition (try like $6000 extra) and it would mess with my summer internship prospects that I would need for my resume when I graduate. It definitely wouldn’t be as risky, and I don’t think I’d be as nervous, but isn’t that the point of studying abroad? To take a risk?

It’s not like this would be a big vacation either- I’d be taking classes while taking an opportunity that I realistically wouldn’t get for the rest of my life. If I went during the spring I’d be paying normal in-state tuition at USC, so it wouldn’t require as big of a financial change and commitment.

What do y’all think? Have y’all ever studied abroad or knew someone who did? How did it go? I’m really curious!

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