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Really, South Carolina?

Really, Columbia South Carolina? It’s as cold now as it is in Paris? Don’t you think there’s something a little wrong when I wake up in the morning shivering inside my house? The high will be in the 90s later this week…let’s do an even compromise: a nice 77 degrees. Come on, I know you can do it.


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Paris is Calling

The time is coming to decide whether or not I want to study abroad, and for how long, and where. I’ve always wanted to study abroad in Paris, but seeing as I’ve only taken one actual course in French, I know the language barrier may be a problem. I’ve never heard anyone say they regretted studying abroad, but I’m nervous! I know if I study abroad for a semester there will be plenty of trips to go on and plenty of exploring in Paris itself.

Then the question is for how long. I can go a semester (next spring) or next summer, if I don’t want to go away for so long. The problem with summer is that it costs extra for tuition (try like $6000 extra) and it would mess with my summer internship prospects that I would need for my resume when I graduate. It definitely wouldn’t be as risky, and I don’t think I’d be as nervous, but isn’t that the point of studying abroad? To take a risk?

It’s not like this would be a big vacation either- I’d be taking classes while taking an opportunity that I realistically wouldn’t get for the rest of my life. If I went during the spring I’d be paying normal in-state tuition at USC, so it wouldn’t require as big of a financial change and commitment.

What do y’all think? Have y’all ever studied abroad or knew someone who did? How did it go? I’m really curious!

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Parisian Persuasion

As I plan my study abroad excursion to the city of lights, I can’t help but check out The Sartorialist website. Amidst the meetings with advisors, forms, financial planning, etc. I have to add another task to my to do list: buy a completely new wardrobe. How am I supposed to compete with these girls? There’s just no way.

Have any of y’all been to Paris before? What did you think?

Photos via The Sartorialist

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J’adore Paris!

I went on a school trip to Paris and London in 2006 and have been dying to go back ever since. It blew my mind that some of my friends liked London more than Paris…and it still makes no sense to me. Paris is so different and romantic! You really do feel like an outsider (but in a good way, I promise!). I’m trying to go to Paris next summer to study abroad, but for now these pictures from almost 6 years ago will have to suffice!

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