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The Oscars: The Good, the Ridiculously Ugly, and the ones I can’t decide on

Last night I think I went a little bit insane. I love the Oscars. And the stars. And their gorgeous gowns…except Angelina. Couldn’t get over her. BUT other than that, I loved the Oscars! I won’t share any of the winners in case some of y’all haven’t seen it, but it was mostly as expected. And now I have to go see The Artist, because as expected, it did win quite a few awards.

Who were y’all’s favorite dressed? I couldn’t get over how beautiful some of the gowns were!

The Good:

Gwyneth, obvs

Ellie Kemper

Octavia Spencer

“Triple Spanx” is definitely not all to credit here. Octavia looked AMAZING.

Michelle Williams


Maria Menounos

Penelope Cruz

She might have looked a little too princess-y for my taste, but if my dad (who was watching with us) takes time to say she looked classy, that means something, y’all.

Sandra Bullock

These photos aren’t great of the dress, but trust me when I say it was beautiful! I saw a red carpet interview with her and couldn’t get over how great she looks!

The Ridiculously Ugly:

Stacy Kiebler

Even though all I know about this girl is that she was at the latest Marchesa show and she’s George Clooney’s recent lady friend, I expected more out of her…because she went to the Marchesa show. I legit think she picked out the ugliest dress at the show.

Jennifer Lopez

No, it doesn’t look that bad in the picture, but in person (and considering the near nip slip), I just don’t like it.

Nancy O’Dell

Does this woman freak out anyone else? Just me?

Missi Pyle

The ones I can’t decide on:

Kristen Wiig

Shailene Woodley

Natalie Portman

Really? Polka dots to the Oscars? Hmm…

Viola Davis

I have undying love for Viola, but her boobs were about to pop out of her dress the whole time. That color green is really pretty on her though!

Louise Roe

Emma Stone

Meryl Streep

And one photoshopped picture for fun…Angie. Because she was literally sticking out her left leg like that the whole night.

Photos via Yahoo and Pinterest

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THE Emma Watson Post

I know that I’ve needed to think long and hard about this post because, to be honest, it’s hard to talk about celebrity style seriously. Although I can’t help my obsession with People Magazine and all major awards show red carpets, celebrities have stylists who basically put clothes in front of them and say, “I promise this will look good on you.” And it does.

But Emma Watson is someone I love seeing on the street. She’s so cool…but in an understated way. And she goes to college. Which is also cool. And obviously everyone knows this haircut makes her awesome too:

So, wanna see some of my faves?

Here we go

What looks are y’all’s favorites? Is there another celebrity/model that I should do a collage of? These are so inspiring!

Photos via Pinterest

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Emma Watson in Valentino

How amazing is Emma Watson? I’m obsessed…may or may not be doing a collage on her later. She is the coolest.

Photo via Yahoo

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Blake Lively is perfect

AND supposedly does not have a stylist. WHAT?!


Photos via Pinterest



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SAGs what up?

Despite my love for awards shows, I completely forgot the SAG Awards were tonight. Luckily there are a billion places online to check out the gorgeous gowns and dapper men. I’m definitely leaning towards Diana Agron, Naya Rivera, Jessica Chastain, and Jayma Mays. Which ones did y’all particularly like/thought was super ugly?

Diana Agron

Emma Stone

Jayma Mays

Jessica Chastain

Kelly Osbourne

Lea Michele

Naya Rivera

Octavia Spencer

Rose Byrne

Shailene Woodley

Viola Davis

Photos courtesy of Hollywood Reporter and People

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I’m so sorry for the delay on this post, but I promise it’ll be a good one! I’m going over the good, the bad, and the horrendously ugly, and y’all need to tell me if you think I’m exactly write or crazy! So…let’s commence the judging.

Amber Riley: Totally gorgeous! While this isn’t the most fashionably daring dress or one that popped on the red carpet, Amber still looked great!

Michelle Williams: She always manages to keep me guessing, but Michelle’s unique sense of style is amazing here! Though this is a really glamorous night she was able to look fabulous without going for a typical one-shouldered or sleeveless gown.

Ariel Winter: This dress isn’t one of my favorites, but I love that Ariel (at fourteen!) took such a fashion risk with the color, the dramatic silhouette, and the fabric. I gotta respect the girl!

Kate Winslet: Per usual, Kate Winslet looked amazing and classic. I hope I look this good when I’m 36!

Julie Bowen: I usually love Julie’s sense of fashion on the red carpet because she doesn’t go for the typical “pretty dresses,” and she is so able to put her own fun personality into her wardrobe. This dress is SO not her, especially if you’ve seen any of her interviews. It looks like she was going way to far for a certain “look” and it definitely didn’t work out.

Lea Michele: looked fabulous. While I personally would have been super uncomfortable in such a revealing outfit, I think this Marchesa gown had the right amount of glamour and attitude to fit Lea perfectly without looking too sleazy. I think it’s because the dress had “sleeves.”

Angelina Jolie: I was so happy when I saw Angelina in something that wasn’t either a drapey nightgown or a black gown. She stepped out in this light, tight gown that looked amazing with the pop of red and the slit up the leg. She looked sexy! I’m not the biggest Angelina fan (I’m team Jen all the way), but even I have to admit she was gorgeous.

Madonna: Ugh…you’re trying way too hard and you need to stop. Just wear something simple and age appropriate. You are 53!

Viola Davis: After reading The Help during the holidays I fell in love with Aibileen, and Viola Davis was amazing in the movie as her! Seeing her in this burgundy gown with the high slit and one shoulder made me see her in a whole new light: she is smokin!

Charlize Theron: Obviously she was one of the HUGE winners of the night! Not as far as the actual awards go…but this dress is incredible! I would have never thought of choosing this, but the color and the long train added all the drama needed at this ceremony!

Zooey Deschanel: No matter how much I love Zooey on New Girl, this dress just isn’t my favorite. I know that it’s supposed to go with her personality and it’s custom, but I just can’t get over the neon green and black combination. The silhouette is super flattering, but I think I would like this dress better if the beads were blue.

Nicole Richie: HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE OF THE WHOLE EVENING! Nicole looked insanely beautiful without looking too dramatic. The simple, but sophisticated silhouette, balanced with the silver fabric (and the diamond detailing) were beautiful. And her simple hair completely perfected the whole look!

Emma Stone: Whoever Emma’s stylist is is a genius! I can’t describe how much I love this two toned Lanvin paired with the belt too…it’s ridiculous.

Shailene Woodley: gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. Simple and dainty and perfect. Yes, a little bit predictable, but gorgeous none the less. AND I respect and love her so much more for wearing these to the after party!

Claire Danes: I can understand how this might not be some people’s cup of tea, but I love this simple, elegant dress on Claire. It’s not daring or revealing (I mean, compared to Lea Michele), but she looks fabulous.

Amy Poehler: Why is such a funny lady wearing such a depressing dress? Her hair blends in with her skin and her skin blends in with the dress and it makes me sad.

Heidi Klum: this is the way models should look. It’s not an attention grabber nor is it super daring, but she looks great, and the dress compliments her beauty, instead of the other way around.

Natalie Portman: How could Natalie look so fabulous at last year’s Golden Globes and look so weird this year? I don’t mind the color of the dress, but the fabric looks plain and the cut is too. And I honestly have no idea what the thing jutting out of her side is. Somebody help me understand??

Helen Mirren: Um…this woman is 66…I think she looks so much more amazing than I will ever look and that makes me depressed. But very happy for her because she’s awesome for rocking this so well.

Jessica Biel: I know that a lot of magazines don’t like this dress, but I think this looks kind of good on Jessica! It’s a little like a doily, but the color looks great on her complexion and in contrast with her hair. What do y’all think?

Nicole Kidman: Just weird. Too much. And just weird. I’m sorry, Nicole.

Octavia Spencer: The cut, the color, the draping, the fabric…everything was beautiful. Even the jewel detailing at the bust wasn’t overdone or overly simple. Just beautiful, especially for a newcomer.

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Critics’ Choice Awards

After being disappointed by the style choices from the People’s Choice Awards, I’m so much happier with the dresses at the Critics’ Choice Awards. What do y’all think? Which outfits, overall, do you like best?

I’ve never really noticed Charlize Theron’s red carpet choices, but she looked amazing in this ruffled dress! I love the details at the neckline and arms! It’s such a clever way to update the classic black dress.

Even though I still picture her as Aibileen from The Help, Viola Davis looked amazing! Especially since she’s a newcomer, this bright color and drape/shape are perfect on her!

Since she’s wearing this dress, I can totally forgive Shailene Woodley for her part on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. This reminds me of this dress Hailee Steinfeld wore to the Golden Globes last year. This dress accentuated her beauty instead of overpowering her, and it didn’t remind me of a wedding dress either!

I would have a hard time deciding which Fanning sister is the prettier, but Elle’s latest red carpet choices make me think that Dakota is a little more reliably stylish. There’s just so much going on with this dress that it distracts and I can’t figure out what to look at.

Kirsten Dunst has had some just as questionable fashion moments as Elle Fanning has, but this dress is gorgeous! If it were in a different color I don’t think this dress would have looked near as chic or subtle, but the black does it. The simple hair and shoes let the dress shine!

This is normally something I would never in a million years like, and if I saw it on the rack I would laugh at how ugly it is. But on Emma Stone this dress is phenomenal! A green dress with red hair and fair skin are amazing together, and the small blue print look fabulous!

The younger Olsen chose the one color that I really don’t like (I know, I know, I’ve just never been a yellow person). BUT, the white and tan detailing, with those gorgeous shoes, make this dress so pretty! And I’ve always been a fan of a short dress with long sleeves. This is such a fun dress, but she doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard. Also, I want her hair now.

I love Michelle Williams’ quirky style, but I can’t decide what to think about this dress. Had the black part at the end been cut off, I think I would have maybe like this a little more, but I really can’t decide. I think I like her hair longer and blonde too. What do y’all think?

Photos via Yahoo

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