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Spring has Sprung

Easter is here and I’m so excited because I’m going to attempt my first egg dying…since I was like 10. I’m trying to choose what different kinds of colors and patterns I want, and these all look so pretty! Maybe I’ll just have to try them all…

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And these are just some pretty spring things!

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Color Inspiration

This post kind of reminds me of Daughters by John Mayer…”she puts the color inside of my world…”

Happy Friday, everybody! (thank God)

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Nail Polish Heaven

Okay. Y’all. I’ve seriously found the best website ever if you’re obsessed with nail polish and designs. Whoever runs Pshiiit is a genious. Like hands down. She posts beautiful photos all the time of her crazy amazing designs! The website is in French, which makes it that much cooler…and harder to read so Google is great for helping with the translation 🙂

I have a giant blog crush now. *adding to bloglovin*

Photos via Pshiiit


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Color Accents


Photos via Pinterest

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Rainbow Fishtail Brad How-to

I saw this video by Free People posted on Brushes & Burp Cloths and I LOVE it! Again with the neon hair colors! This needs to happen on my head real fast.

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What pretty colors

Since I painted my bedroom last semester (from three green, one purple wall, to all Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies a la this room), I’ve been searching for pretty art to put up on my walls. But I’ve found something out that I didn’t think I would…it’s hard to find good art, y’all. Like really. The right size, the right colors, the right price…it’s tiring.

Of course Pinterest is the perfect place to find the best art pieces and artists. Here are a few of my favorites. Do you like them?


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Cotton candy colors

Starting when I was 14 I went through a phase where I dyed my hair every couple of weeks…as in two, possibly three hair colors all within two months. Now I look back at the pictures with my bright red, then black, then chestnut brown hair and I cringe. I can only imagine how much damage I did to my hair!

One color that I will never regret for one second was when I dyed the under part of my hair bright pink. As in hot pink. And I was SO into it. I did it right before I started high school and I remember literally taking like 5 hours to do it because the dye I chose was only supposed to be for streaks, so think of how long it took me to do all of the lower layer of my hair. I still remember washing out the final dye around 3:00 in the morning…ugh. But it looks like I was onto something!


Photos via The Fashion Spot

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