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I’m listening to…

My new favorite song of all time, obvs. And yes, it is the Glee version. Haters gonna hate.

And this is the original Michael version. Which do y’all like better? I can’t believe MJ’s moves!


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SAGs what up?

Despite my love for awards shows, I completely forgot the SAG Awards were tonight. Luckily there are a billion places online to check out the gorgeous gowns and dapper men. I’m definitely leaning towards Diana Agron, Naya Rivera, Jessica Chastain, and Jayma Mays. Which ones did y’all particularly like/thought was super ugly?

Diana Agron

Emma Stone

Jayma Mays

Jessica Chastain

Kelly Osbourne

Lea Michele

Naya Rivera

Octavia Spencer

Rose Byrne

Shailene Woodley

Viola Davis

Photos courtesy of Hollywood Reporter and People

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How appropriate

I don’t understand how they do it, but whoever does the wardrobe on Glee, bravo. You always seem to make goody-goody Rachel look great despite her affinity for knee plaid skirts and horse sweaters. I suddenly feel the urge to swing by Target and grab me some knee high socks.

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Also, I am lovin on…

this song. I heard the Glee version, but the original is so good! It makes me want to get a tattoo. Right now.

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