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Cosmetic Brands that Test on Animals

After finally getting around to watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes (which is really good, by the way), I got super interested in making sure that none of the products I use on a daily basis do animal testing. It just makes me so sad to think about all of those little mice caged and injected or coated with products that scientists and companies aren’t willing to test on people in the first place.

And ignorance really is bliss. I found so many of my favorite companies on Animal Testing lists. Tomorrow I’m going out to buy new soap, nail polish (I’m so sad I have to kiss all of my essie polishes goodbye), shampoo, and makeup. I’ve also contacted Essie and OPI about their animal testing (OPI says they don’t do animal testing, but the company that does own them, does). With y’all’s help we can stop animal testing from our beloved makeup lines! Even if you continue to use them, any added pressure helps!

Here are the links to contact the above companies:

L’Oreal Essie Pantene Suave Olay Dove Neutrogena Covergirl Crest

Click here to see a video about how to reliably know if a company is cruelty-free

Here is a list I’ve compiled of companies and products that DO test on animals. Please tell me if you find one that is actually cruelty-free!



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Polish Problems

I’ve been dying to try the new “trend” in manicures: the little nail polish pens from Sally Hansen (any others?). That dream came to a screeching halt last night when procrastinating (per usual) on my accounting homework. I tried Essie Bobbing for Baubles as the base color, and Sally Hansen’s silver pens.

Patience is a virtue, friends. Something I do not have…which is why when I tried to draw on silver half-moons and polka dots, my blue polish gummed up and looked like I had been doing hard manual labor with semi-dry polish. It looked gross. So this is a project for when it’s not 12:30 am and I’m not knee deep in balance sheets and retained earnings statements.

Has anyone else had problems or success with the polish pens? Am I just dumb?

Photos via Pinterest

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Gel Manicures

I have an announcement: I got my first manicure yesterday. YES, my first professional manicure. It was thrilling. I’ve had pedicures before, but this was brand new to me at the ripe old age of nineteen. And to make it even more special I got a gel manicure. The manicurist suggested one because I have a bad habit of picking at my polish, so this is perfect!

I used the color You Don’t Know Jacques, which is kind of a brownish grayish purplish color. I’m usually into bright nail polishes but this is so nice and understated! Especially since this is supposed to last for 2-3 weeks I know that I won’t get tired of it. Here it is as a normal polish.

Have y’all gotten gel manicures before? I hadn’t realized how much UV light they expose your fingers to! I loved how fast the polish dried (besides that I didn’t have to mess with it), but I did get a little nervous about the safety. I read this article (and this one) and may have to re-think getting gel manicures regularly. Anybody have any good/bad experiences with them?


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Pretty Nails

Since I’m currently in the middle of an at-home pedicure (sadly only pink, OPI Tutti Frutti Tonga, to be exact) here are some nail jobs I think are crazy good!

photos from tumblr

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