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My Kinda Hardware

I’ve had a giant crush on Anthropologie ever since I walked into the store in Charlotte’s South Park mall a few years ago. I can’t afford a lot of the goods they have (it turns out love can’t get you everything), but that won’t stop me from crushing on them. I’ve been thinking lately of how to re-do my the dresser I have in my room that belonged to my great grandmother without completely changing it, in case I decide to get a new one. I’m thinking some new handles would look great on it, so of course Anthropologie was the first place I looked. What do y’all think?

Photos via Anthropologie


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Charmed, I’m sure

Maybe I’m just late on this, but after doing my post on Valentine’s day, I was consumed with a need for a charm bracelet. Anthropologie literally has the cutest charms I’ve ever seen! Do any of y’all have charm bracelets? Obviously now I can’t live without one.

I’m trying to find a cheap-ish plain charm bracelet for under like $40- any suggestions?

Here are some of the charms. They’re all $15, which can make buying a lot at once a bit pricey, but I figure it’s an “over time” type deal.

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Blair Waldorf wishes

Pretty intimates, reminiscent of Blair Waldorf’s endless wardrobe of sleep and loungewear, that wouldn’t be super embarrassing if a friend and/or family member saw them? Got that.

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Chicago Summers

Hi everybody! I have an opinion question for y’all…I’m going to a wedding in Chicago this upcoming July, and of course I’ve already started thinking about dress attire. The wedding will be in the evening, but seeing as how I haven’t gone to many weddings (I think three?), I don’t know what would be a good idea to wear 1) in Chicago weather, 2) at the wedding and/or rehearsal dinner, and 3) just walking around like a super stylish tourist. I’m pretty sure the wedding dress code is a little more casual than cocktail attire. Any ideas?

Have any of y’all ever been to Chicago? And is there anything that I DEFINITELY have to see? I’ll be there for a couple of days before the wedding, so I’ll have time to spend just walking around.

By the way, you can buy that printed map if you click on it- it’s only $35!

Here are some of my ideas…





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Daily Favorite

I WANT YOU LOBSTER RUG! Why do you have to be so far out of my price range?!


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