I want you, Hermes

The first time I saw an Hermes orange serving tray, I didn’t know what it was. As an avid Hills fan, I watched The City in the hopes it would be just as good (though it wasn’t). But it was there, in evil but beautiful Olivia Palermo’s living room, along with my dream couch, pillows, and pretty much her whole house, was the orange tray, with a vase of pink flowers on top. I’ve never been a big fan of orange (see: University of South Carolina student, aka orange-hater), but that tray was gorgeous.

It was only a few minutes later when I googled “the city orange lacquer tray” did I realize that not only was it Hermes and I could never afford it…but it was also vintage, and therefore gone. But really, who in their right mind would ever give up a tray like that? So in my desperate attempt to look like I’m sophisticated enough for Hermes, I’ve found a few more orange trays to hold my Hermes tray’s place until it magically comes to me some day.

Jonathan Adler Hexagonal Tray

Kraftware Bartender’s Collection

West Elm



Photos via


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2 responses to “I want you, Hermes

  1. I having been pining after this tray for some time too!

  2. Clare

    Such great decor inspiration! Ah! I am dying!

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