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On My Wishlist…

I’ve been reminding myself (and have been reminded) that if I want to study abroad next year, I need to start saving all of my money. For those of you that don’t know me…that’s near impossible for me. It’s equivalent to seersucker going out of style in the south. Under normal circumstances, it would never happen. But Paris is big. Very, very big. So I’ve had to put a giant lock on my bank account, and watch as my wish list gets longer and longer.

So I’m thinking maybe posting my wish list might be therapeutic for me. What’s on y’all’s wish lists? I have a special  folder on my Safari toolbar!




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My Kinda Hardware

I’ve had a giant crush on Anthropologie ever since I walked into the store in Charlotte’s South Park mall a few years ago. I can’t afford a lot of the goods they have (it turns out love can’t get you everything), but that won’t stop me from crushing on them. I’ve been thinking lately of how to re-do my the dresser I have in my room that belonged to my great grandmother without completely changing it, in case I decide to get a new one. I’m thinking some new handles would look great on it, so of course Anthropologie was the first place I looked. What do y’all think?

Photos via Anthropologie


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I have a crush on Pottery Barn

Living in Charleston for the almost four months that I did was amazing…partially because I was literally right next to King Street (aka Heaven) and Pottery Barn was only a few blocks away from my dorm. My roommates and I would take day walks to Pottery Barn just to ooh and ah at the lamps, throws, and decorations that we couldn’t afford or even be able to put in our 10 x 12 rooms (shared by two). Early December, which for college students, is the most stressful time because of exams and impending hours of studying, was so magical in Pottery Barn. Women would go in to Christmas shop for others and for themselves, and I tried to shop for my mom and some relatives. The warm smell of cinnamon filled the store. I only recently started getting the Pottery Barn catalog since I moved back to Columbia, and I desperately wish there were a store near here. I miss being able to physically walk around the goods.

Does anyone else get this with Pottery Barn? Is it just a southern thing?

Photos via Pottery Barn

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Inspiration Board

Photos via Pinterest

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DIY Braided Extension Cord

I found this tutorial on Design*Sponge and I HAVE to do this like today! I have a billion extension cords and electrical stuff in my room and I can’t get it out of the way. These braided cords would make my life so much better! But, like  Kate says in her post, this braid is not practical. Will I trip over it all the time? Yes. Realistically, will it look as easy as it does in the pictures? Maybe. But I’m willing to try it out.

Do any of y’all have any other solutions to messy electrical cords? What do you think of this braid?


  • 3 extension cords (all the same length, 6′ or longer is better)
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • 3 skeins of thick/bulky weight yarn
  • 3 plastic cord tubes (these can be found at IKEA or most hardware stores in the electrical section)


1. Tuck the end of an extension cord into the open slit of the plastic tube.

2. Tape the tube to the base of the plug to secure the tube to the cord. Continue tucking the entire length of the cord into the plastic covering.

3. Cut the covering to the exact length of the cord. Repeat steps 1–2 for the other two cords.

4. Take the end of one skein of yarn and knot it around the beginning of the first covered cord.

5. Begin wrapping the yarn around the cord, covering all the plastic and tucking the loose end of the yarn into the first few wraps to conceal it. Continue wrapping the cord with yarn. As you do this, you can begin rolling the finished cord into a small loop and securing with a piece of yarn to make wrapping easier. When you get to the end, knot the yarn around the base of the cord and snip off the excess.

6. Repeat with the other two cords.


7. Begin overlapping the cords, one over the other to form a simple braid. Secure both ends by knotting a piece of yarn around all three right near the base.

8. Place the cord in an open area for display, or use anywhere you would normally need extension cords. Don’t place the cords in doorways or anywhere someone might trip.

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Daily Favorite

In messing with this blog and Snagit (the software I use for the collages I put on here) I’ve grown a love for fonts. They express so many different moods just in the way the letters are shaped and spaced. And I’ve found some really nice fonts on tattoos, coincidentally. Whenever I see a text tattoo I judge the font immediately before I think of the actual words. Weird? Maybe. But it’s become kind of a hobby of mine. There are a million people with tattoos at USC!

Photos via Pinterest and WeHeartIt

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