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Currently lovin on Michael Kors

I usually really hate stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx with a passion. I’ve heard a million times that if you’re willing to search through their racks, usually you can get some pretty good finds for relatively cheap. But I literally have no patience. Why would a store not organize the same shirts in the same location? I just can’t stand it. I don’t want to have to search for cute things, I simply want them to be presented to me. Obviously, I’m a very visual shopper, so you can see why discount stores like these would be a problem.

But I’ve seriously changed my ways today. And one dress did it.

I’ve been looking for new professional and nice looking clothes for a job, considering I probably won’t be allowed to wear cut-offs and flip flops, and I’m currently on a budget (ahem, thanks Paris). So, following my mom’s suggestions, I went to Marshall’s. And holy mother of God I think I found my favorite dress ever. Really, I probably shouldn’t say that, it’s actually a pretty simple, nice white floral lace dress. But I got it for $50, and it was originally $150. Please don’t applause, it was all Marshall’s.

Please give a warm welcome to my new favorite: Michael Kors floral lace dress.

 Photos via Neiman Marcus


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Serena van der Woodsen Style File

Oh, Gossip Girl how you slay me. I’m like a season behind from everyone else (so no spoilers, please!), so of course I see the occasional commercial for the newest season. While I’m dying to find out what happens with Blair (apparently she is getting married?!) or Chuck…or Dan, Nate, Vanessa, Jenny, and most of all, Serena, it’s mostly the hoards of gowns, blazers, coats, and accessories that have me swooning. I guess it’s just another day in the life of New York’s finest, right?

What are some of y’all’s favorite Serena looks? I’m posting a few of mine, but of course it’s damn near impossible to actually find pictures or name them all.


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Peplum Princess

It seems like this trend showed up on the runways last year for Spring/Summer 2011 shows, but it’s now finally started completely filtering through all types of lines and price ranges. I saw these images on Pinterest, but have y’all seen any you really like in stores? Do y’all have any peplum dresses or shirts? I love them but I definitely don’t think they’re for everyday- they need more drama!

Photos via Pinterest



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Blake Lively is perfect

AND supposedly does not have a stylist. WHAT?!


Photos via Pinterest



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February 2012

Why are you just out of my price range, J. Crew? Why do you make me fall in love with you and then take away your beautiful sweaters, Italian flats, and pencil skirts in daring colors?

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SAGs what up?

Despite my love for awards shows, I completely forgot the SAG Awards were tonight. Luckily there are a billion places online to check out the gorgeous gowns and dapper men. I’m definitely leaning towards Diana Agron, Naya Rivera, Jessica Chastain, and Jayma Mays. Which ones did y’all particularly like/thought was super ugly?

Diana Agron

Emma Stone

Jayma Mays

Jessica Chastain

Kelly Osbourne

Lea Michele

Naya Rivera

Octavia Spencer

Rose Byrne

Shailene Woodley

Viola Davis

Photos courtesy of Hollywood Reporter and People

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Chicago Summers

Hi everybody! I have an opinion question for y’all…I’m going to a wedding in Chicago this upcoming July, and of course I’ve already started thinking about dress attire. The wedding will be in the evening, but seeing as how I haven’t gone to many weddings (I think three?), I don’t know what would be a good idea to wear 1) in Chicago weather, 2) at the wedding and/or rehearsal dinner, and 3) just walking around like a super stylish tourist. I’m pretty sure the wedding dress code is a little more casual than cocktail attire. Any ideas?

Have any of y’all ever been to Chicago? And is there anything that I DEFINITELY have to see? I’ll be there for a couple of days before the wedding, so I’ll have time to spend just walking around.

By the way, you can buy that printed map if you click on it- it’s only $35!

Here are some of my ideas…





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