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Paris is Calling

The time is coming to decide whether or not I want to study abroad, and for how long, and where. I’ve always wanted to study abroad in Paris, but seeing as I’ve only taken one actual course in French, I know the language barrier may be a problem. I’ve never heard anyone say they regretted studying abroad, but I’m nervous! I know if I study abroad for a semester there will be plenty of trips to go on and plenty of exploring in Paris itself.

Then the question is for how long. I can go a semester (next spring) or next summer, if I don’t want to go away for so long. The problem with summer is that it costs extra for tuition (try like $6000 extra) and it would mess with my summer internship prospects that I would need for my resume when I graduate. It definitely wouldn’t be as risky, and I don’t think I’d be as nervous, but isn’t that the point of studying abroad? To take a risk?

It’s not like this would be a big vacation either- I’d be taking classes while taking an opportunity that I realistically wouldn’t get for the rest of my life. If I went during the spring I’d be paying normal in-state tuition at USC, so it wouldn’t require as big of a financial change and commitment.

What do y’all think? Have y’all ever studied abroad or knew someone who did? How did it go? I’m really curious!

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My sister is spending Spring Break in New York, and I’m at home wondering:

  1. Why I’m not the winner of the Mega Millions lottery
  2. Why I’m not Alexa Chung, and finally
  3. Why Alexa Chung and Carly Simon (circa 1972) look so much alike

Am I the only one who sees the resemblance?

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I have a crush on Pottery Barn

Living in Charleston for the almost four months that I did was amazing…partially because I was literally right next to King Street (aka Heaven) and Pottery Barn was only a few blocks away from my dorm. My roommates and I would take day walks to Pottery Barn just to ooh and ah at the lamps, throws, and decorations that we couldn’t afford or even be able to put in our 10 x 12 rooms (shared by two). Early December, which for college students, is the most stressful time because of exams and impending hours of studying, was so magical in Pottery Barn. Women would go in to Christmas shop for others and for themselves, and I tried to shop for my mom and some relatives. The warm smell of cinnamon filled the store. I only recently started getting the Pottery Barn catalog since I moved back to Columbia, and I desperately wish there were a store near here. I miss being able to physically walk around the goods.

Does anyone else get this with Pottery Barn? Is it just a southern thing?

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This first week of classes after Spring Break is being so mean to me. This is what I’m telling myself I’m doing instead of going to class. What about y’all? Where do y’all “go” when real life is rough?

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The Zoo according to Instagram

Like when I was little, I still love going to the zoo. Since it’s my Spring Break I made 100% sure that I would be able to go to the Riverbanks zoo at some point. And today was the magical day. It was so fun- I felt like a 5 year old again. Am I the only one who loves seeing these animals? Realistically I’ve seen the same ones tens of times, but I can’t help it! I pay the ridiculously expensive $11.75 gladly!

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Charleston Day Trip

My friend Savannah and I went to Charleston for the day yesterday to enjoy our Spring Break a little, and I remember why I loved it there so much. I lived in Charleston for a  few months in 2010, then moved back to Columbia, but it was so fun living in such a vibrant city with so much good food and shopping within walking distance of everything. We didn’t get to go to the beach, which is one thing that I’d really looked forward to, but we were able to go to the Cistern at College of Charleston, the Charleston Market, Forever 21 (which took the place of the giant Saks Fifth Avenue when it closed), and explore King Street. Have any of y’all been to Charleston?

And how pretty is my friend?? you might remember her from our excursion to the river a few months ago.

This is the entrance to the Charleston Market, which was created in 1807. You walk in between the two sets of stairs and vendors sell everything from salt water taffy to fine jewelry, art, and cooking books. You really never know what you’ll find.

Apparently now the market also has restaurant kiosks! Everything smelled and looked delicious!

We stopped by the fountain in front of the Charleston Place Hotel, where people like Oprah and Faith Hill have stayed! Very fancy if you ask me…

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Spring Break is finally here!

I’ll let you know how the Elton John concert in Charleston goes!

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