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Valentine’s Day Sweets

All photos via Pinterest

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Introducing, Mrs…

I’m flipping out over Kate Spade’s line for all the married ladies (maybe as a response to Beyonce’s calling for the singles out there?). If I were married, and trust me on this, I would run out and buy all of her “mrs.” jewelry and accessories faster than you could say “I do.”

For real, I would get married right now JUST for these gold beauties. Anyone else with me?

Photos via Kate Spade

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Tortoise Trinkets

I’m a big fan of all things tortoise. As in, I will never own a pair of sunglasses that aren’t tortoise. So I’m always so happy when I find pretty tortoise jewelry. I mean it goes with everything. I can’t deny it…it calls me.

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Rings and Things

Even though I love bracelets and necklaces, my true love for jewelry lies in rings. I own tons of rings, though they’re all fairly simple. I’m not big on loud, obnoxious jewelry, though trust me, I went through that phase in high school. I tend to just cycle through a few of my favorite rings and earrings (actually it’s more like one pair of earrings and like three rings). Does anyone else do this? I feel like I have a few pieces of jewelry that go with everything and so I tend just to stick with those. I need to learn to branch out more!

I got these earrings from a local boutique called HandPicked and I pretty much wear them every day. They’re hammered sterling silver and I love them. I generally like studs more than long earrings now because they’re so easy. I feel like these are simple but since they’re hammered they have just a little bit extra something…right?

This classic Tiffany’s ring, here, is probably one of my most prized possession. An ex-boyfriend gave it to me, and I couldn’t stop wearing it, even after we broke up. I like having something that I always wear that’s simple and classic.

I got this House of Harlow ring two years ago and I’m so glad I did because it’s my only big, somewhat obnoxiously large ring. What I like about it, besides that it has black leather on it, is that it’s really big, but it’s simple. It doesn’t have a lot of colors or designs, it’s supposed to look like a sun dial. I like that and that I get tons of compliments every time I wear it!

Every southern girl owns some kind of monogrammed jewelry and this is mine. My grandma gave this ring to me for my 10th birthday and it’s from Handpicked, like the earrings above. It’s scratched up and a little beaten, but I still wear it all the time.

And finally, this ring used to be my mom’s, and she got it at the market in Charleston. I love the black stone and the sides of the ring.

Which of these is your favorite? Do y’all have jewelry that you wear everyday?

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