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Spring Break is finally here!

I’ll let you know how the Elton John concert in Charleston goes!

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Daily Favorite

I wish I had a pretty way to showcase my make up, makeup brushes, and bath salts. My makeup drawer in the bathroom (and the bathroom in general) is such a mess…but then I look at these and pretend they’re mine. It makes me feel so much better!

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Perfect Planners

Since I’m in college I practically live out of my planner. I used to be super unorganized and I definitely paid for it when my life was in shambles. Since regularly writing down homework, appointments, and meetings, I’ve gotten much better at time management and decision making. I’ve generally stuck to my beloved Lilly Pulitzer daily planner, but there are plenty of good ones out there!

I generally think monthly calendars, a notes section, a section for important dates, a place for addresses and phone numbers,  along with spaces for daily planning, make a good planner. Here are a few that not only have quality inside space, but also look great on the outside!


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If I can’t have Carrie’s closet…

Besides my dream to one day have Carrie Bradshaw’s renovated closet in the Sex and the City movie, I’ve found some beautiful closets on Pinterest that would not break my heart if they were mine…welcome to my humble abode (i.e. closet).

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