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Jessica Stam’s Hair Change

Hi y’all! Sorry I’ve been away for so long! I made a pretty big move after I got a new internship (yay!), and with that and various life events, this blog has suffered. For that, I’m sorry! But I’m back with a new post that I’m very passionate about- i.e. Jessica Stam’s new choice of hair color. I’ve always been a big Jessica fan, and like most models, she looks really good blonde. I’m not opposed to any hair color change. I like when people are adventurous with their hair. Just because I can’t dramatically dye my hair blonde or red doesn’t mean that no one else can…but Jessica has made a mistake, me thinks. I miss the blonde! Bring it back please, Jess! PS- love you!

What do y’all think? Good change? Bad change? Discuss.

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Model Obsession

I might be a little late on the band wagon, but I’ve found my new model crush: Barbara Palvin. I’ve literally seen her all over Pinterest, Tumblr, and other fashion sites, but had no idea who she was until I came across her name a couple of days ago! I can’t get over her eyes and her eyebrows- I’m so insanely jealous. I have blue eyes and very thin eyebrows, so of course I want what I can’t have. And that porcelain skin. is. flawless. Considering she’s younger than me…and an international model…if given the chance i would totally take a couple of days in her shoes. Totally.

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Pinterest Pining

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Gold Leaf Lovin

You are correct, this is not gold. It is silver. But still super cool/pretty/awesome.

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Top Knots

Top knots are legit how I wear my hair a good 75% of the time. I just get too annoyed with my hair down and then get frustrated at my various hair care products, then at my hair, then at myself. Ipso facto, the easy top knot. Though I’m sure these girls’ hair looks 10 times better than mine.

What do y’all think? Do these look cute and easy or just kind of sloppy?

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Bouquet and etcetera

Okay so maybe these aren’t technically a bouquet…but the title sounded good so just go with it.

It kind of looks like a bouquet right? I think it’s gorgeous!

If someone made this for me right now I would not complain. Actually I think I might fall in love.

If I could have this hair I would be one very happy lady. Realistically, the dramatic blonde ends wouldn’t look as good if she were standing straight up, but if I had that hair I would be in that same position. All day. So my hair would look awesome.

These are just pretty. I want pink. I want to be on the water. And I want some ribbons. Is that too much to ask for?

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Rainbow Fishtail Brad How-to

I saw this video by Free People posted on Brushes & Burp Cloths and I LOVE it! Again with the neon hair colors! This needs to happen on my head real fast.

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