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Float On…

Hi y’all! Sorry I was so absent yesterday. My world has come falling down around me…my Mac’s hard drive has been corrupted or ruined or whatever the tech people called it. Basically, it’s gone, and I feel like I’ve lost a really close friend. Hopefully I’ll get my laptop back with a new hard drive on it early next week, but in the mean time I probably won’t be posting as much. And I love posting on here so a little part of me is dying.

BUT I must march through this with courage. It’s a really tough time that happens to everyone at some point or another, so I gotta get through…please pray for me.

This tattoo is kind of helping me feel better. It makes neck tattoos look pretty and high fashion instead of 1. trashy, or 2. prison-y.

Photos via Pinterest

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Daily Favorite

In messing with this blog and Snagit (the software I use for the collages I put on here) I’ve grown a love for fonts. They express so many different moods just in the way the letters are shaped and spaced. And I’ve found some really nice fonts on tattoos, coincidentally. Whenever I see a text tattoo I judge the font immediately before I think of the actual words. Weird? Maybe. But it’s become kind of a hobby of mine. There are a million people with tattoos at USC!

Photos via Pinterest and WeHeartIt

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Also, I am lovin on…

this song. I heard the Glee version, but the original is so good! It makes me want to get a tattoo. Right now.

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Little Ink

I’m too much of a pansy to actually get a tattoo, but I love looking for/admiring little, cute tattoos. I have moments when I pump myself up and convince myself that I’m definitely going to tattoo, but I always back out. If I actually were going to get one, I would definitely consider being a copy-cat for some of these tattoos. Do any of y’all have/want tattoos? What do you think of these?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and WeHeartit

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