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The High Beams

Future home wish list item numero uno: ceilings with high beams. Realistically is that number one? No. It’s more like indoor plumbing and ridiculously good air conditioning (I live in the south, y’all. It’s necessary). I just think they make a room look so much bigger and home-y. Even if you live in a city, the beams make a home feel like it’s out in the country, like a little slice of home with a glass of lemonade. Do y’all like these high beams? I’m in love!

How cool is this room? Besides the beams…that’s a boat on the ceiling!

Photos via Pinterest and Tumblr

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Flower Lovin’

As you might be able to tell from the name of this site, I love flowers. I can’t grow them, per se, but I think having a vase of flowers in every room can add a bit of brightness to a home. That’s why one of my favorite parts of wedding photos is the flower arrangements. They’re always so beautiful! I think that by the time I walk down the isle I’ll know every single flower and color to go into my bouquet AND in my future house! Obviously you know what my favorites are…

What do y’all think? Are there any favorites that you like to have in your house? What about in a wedding?

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Home Hoping

I’ve been dealing with a bit of drama trying to figure out my housing situation for next semester. When dreaming of college in high school I never even considered that where I would live would be anything close to a problem, or any kind o stress inducer. So when I go to Pinterest I’m in dream land, just daydreaming of the day I can settle down and decorate and be happy.

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I want you, Hermes

The first time I saw an Hermes orange serving tray, I didn’t know what it was. As an avid Hills fan, I watched The City in the hopes it would be just as good (though it wasn’t). But it was there, in evil but beautiful Olivia Palermo’s living room, along with my dream couch, pillows, and pretty much her whole house, was the orange tray, with a vase of pink flowers on top. I’ve never been a big fan of orange (see: University of South Carolina student, aka orange-hater), but that tray was gorgeous.

It was only a few minutes later when I googled “the city orange lacquer tray” did I realize that not only was it Hermes and I could never afford it…but it was also vintage, and therefore gone. But really, who in their right mind would ever give up a tray like that? So in my desperate attempt to look like I’m sophisticated enough for Hermes, I’ve found a few more orange trays to hold my Hermes tray’s place until it magically comes to me some day.

Jonathan Adler Hexagonal Tray

Kraftware Bartender’s Collection

West Elm



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Earthy Tones

I love really bold and unexpected colors and decorations when I’m touring homes or looking at apartments on apartmenttherapy.com…just not in my house. I usually stick to the basics and neutrals, which is why I love this room I found in Lonny magazine (look at it in this month’s issue here). What do you think? Too plain? Or a nice change of pace from turquoise blue and purples?

Decorations and furniture from West Elm


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Office Space

Even though I love my Target desk, I secretly can’t stand having it in my bedroom. I want a real office where I can focus on being productive, not where I can look at my nice comfy bed and all the magazines I have yet to read. My Pinterest addiction doesn’t help my secret obsession. Welcome to my interior design dream/nightmare.

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Color Accents


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