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Wedding Paper DIYs

Though I’m nowhere close to getting married, I’m pretty much obsessed with all things weddings. Maybe y’all have noticed? I love pouring over the details in the catering, the cake, the decorations, the dress, and pretty much every other little possibility there is in a couple’s nuptials. Unfortunately, no matter how much I like to dream, not everyone can have that $50,000 dream wedding. In browsing through some of my favorite wedding blogs and websites I stumbled upon Wedding Chicks blog, which hosts photos from real weddings as well as wedding ideas for future brides. One thing I’m L-O-V-I-N-G about their site is they have a whole section just for DIY and free downloadable projects! I’m being realistic in my future wedding plans, so knowing that this website has such pretty (and budget-friendly) invites, place cards, and other papers makes me so happy! Check out some of their free templates!

Photos from Wedding Chicks

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Flower Lovin’

As you might be able to tell from the name of this site, I love flowers. I can’t grow them, per se, but I think having a vase of flowers in every room can add a bit of brightness to a home. That’s why one of my favorite parts of wedding photos is the flower arrangements. They’re always so beautiful! I think that by the time I walk down the isle I’ll know every single flower and color to go into my bouquet AND in my future house! Obviously you know what my favorites are…

What do y’all think? Are there any favorites that you like to have in your house? What about in a wedding?

Photos via Pinterest

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I belong in Mad Men

This is a short post (sorry, blame accounting!), but I’m super excited because I just got my dress for my cousin’s wedding in July. Actually, I’m lying, it’s not the wedding dress. The dress I’m wearing to the wedding I got a few years ago, but I’ve never worn it. I’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it and now I’ve found it! The rehearsal dinner isn’t as dressy as the wedding and I’ve been budgeting about $150 for a dress to wear. I’m not a big fan of JC Penney’s (the general lack of organization in the store really get to me, and I usually don’t find their clothes to be of great quality), but this dress s changing my mind. I feel like I belong in the 60s, like Betty Draper in Mad Men.

It looks super simple, but it’s all cotton and the shape is beautiful. It was $50, so being $100 under budget was definitely a plus. Now I’m beyond excited for the wedding!



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Introducing, Mrs…

I’m flipping out over Kate Spade’s line for all the married ladies (maybe as a response to Beyonce’s calling for the singles out there?). If I were married, and trust me on this, I would run out and buy all of her “mrs.” jewelry and accessories faster than you could say “I do.”

For real, I would get married right now JUST for these gold beauties. Anyone else with me?

Photos via Kate Spade

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Romantic Inspiration

Steps by Frank O’Hara

How funny you are today New York
like Ginger Rogers in Swingtime
and St. Bridget’s steeple leaning a little to the left

here I have just jumped out of a bed full of V-days
(I got tired of D-days) and blue you there still
accepts me foolish and free
all I want is a room up there
and you in it
and even the traffic halt so thick is a way
for people to rub up against each other
and when their surgical appliances lock
they stay together
for the rest of the day (what a day)
I go by to check a slide and I say
that painting’s not so blue

where’s Lana Turner
she’s out eating
and Garbo’s backstage at the Met
everyone’s taking their coat off
so they can show a rib-cage to the rib-watchers
and the park’s full of dancers with their tights and shoes
in little bags
who are often mistaken for worker-outers at the West Side Y
why not
the Pittsburgh Pirates shout because they won
and in a sense we’re all winning
we’re alive

the apartment was vacated by a gay couple
who moved to the country for fun
they moved a day too soon
even the stabbings are helping the population explosion
though in the wrong country
and all those liars have left the UN
the Seagram Building’s no longer rivalled in interest
not that we need liquor (we just like it)

and the little box is out on the sidewalk
next to the delicatessen
so the old man can sit on it and drink beer
and get knocked off it by his wife later in the day
while the sun is still shining

oh god it’s wonderful
to get out of bed
and drink too much coffee
and smoke too many cigarettes
and love you so much

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and LeLove


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Chicago Summers

Hi everybody! I have an opinion question for y’all…I’m going to a wedding in Chicago this upcoming July, and of course I’ve already started thinking about dress attire. The wedding will be in the evening, but seeing as how I haven’t gone to many weddings (I think three?), I don’t know what would be a good idea to wear 1) in Chicago weather, 2) at the wedding and/or rehearsal dinner, and 3) just walking around like a super stylish tourist. I’m pretty sure the wedding dress code is a little more casual than cocktail attire. Any ideas?

Have any of y’all ever been to Chicago? And is there anything that I DEFINITELY have to see? I’ll be there for a couple of days before the wedding, so I’ll have time to spend just walking around.

By the way, you can buy that printed map if you click on it- it’s only $35!

Here are some of my ideas…





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How do you decide who to marry?

This is hilarious and everyone needs to read it, seriously! Love and relationships are always on a girl’s mind (or at least mine), so these are perfect! What do y’all think? Is there anything you specifically look or in a relationship or a person? Anything to stay clear away from? What about little annoying/cute things that normally one would just look over?

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