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Color Inspiration

This post kind of reminds me of Daughters by John Mayer…”she puts the color inside of my world…”

Happy Friday, everybody! (thank God)

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Color Accents


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Rainbow Nails

Happy Weekend!

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Cotton candy colors

Starting when I was 14 I went through a phase where I dyed my hair every couple of weeks…as in two, possibly three hair colors all within two months. Now I look back at the pictures with my bright red, then black, then chestnut brown hair and I cringe. I can only imagine how much damage I did to my hair!

One color that I will never regret for one second was when I dyed the under part of my hair bright pink. As in hot pink. And I was SO into it. I did it right before I started high school and I remember literally taking like 5 hours to do it because the dye I chose was only supposed to be for streaks, so think of how long it took me to do all of the lower layer of my hair. I still remember washing out the final dye around 3:00 in the morning…ugh. But it looks like I was onto something!


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Color Board



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Daily Favorite

The colors on these animals are ridiculous. If you’re looking for inspiration, just look outside!


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She’s always buzzin’…

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