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And now I’m hungry

I think the purpose of Pinterest is to make girls and women inspired to workout, and then pig out when they get home…because that’s what it makes me do. All of the recipes are so delicious! I don’t think I’ll ever have to open a recipe book again. What are some of your favorite Pinterest recipes?

Chocolate Peppermints

Confetti Popcorn

Chicken, Spinach & Goat Cheese Quesadilla with Avocado Sour Cream

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Strawberry Margarita Popsicles

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Pinterest DIYs

As you may have noticed, I’m a big Pinterest fan (check out my page here), so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that I have amassed (as of 1:30 am 3/11/2012) 5152 pins, about 95 of which are DIY crafts I’ve yet to attempt. It seems like I’ll have this never ending list of crafts that I either don’t have the funds, time, or patience to actually do, no matter how ADORABLE the outcomes could be. Do y’all do the same thing? I feel so lazy when I see how many things I could do for so little, but sometimes I’d just rather go out and buy a new necklace or decorative jars or soaps and save the time and hassle.

But I will promise myself to get at least a few of my favorite DIY projects done by my birthday! Y’all can even call me on it. What are some of y’all’s favorite DIY projects you’ve found on Pinterest (or other blogs/websites)? Here are some of my favorites:

Scrub/Makeup Bag/Mug/Bracelet/Tray

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Office Space

Even though I love my Target desk, I secretly can’t stand having it in my bedroom. I want a real office where I can focus on being productive, not where I can look at my nice comfy bed and all the magazines I have yet to read. My Pinterest addiction doesn’t help my secret obsession. Welcome to my interior design dream/nightmare.

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Nail Polish Heaven

Okay. Y’all. I’ve seriously found the best website ever if you’re obsessed with nail polish and designs. Whoever runs Pshiiit is a genious. Like hands down. She posts beautiful photos all the time of her crazy amazing designs! The website is in French, which makes it that much cooler…and harder to read so Google is great for helping with the translation 🙂

I have a giant blog crush now. *adding to bloglovin*

Photos via Pshiiit


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THE Emma Watson Post

I know that I’ve needed to think long and hard about this post because, to be honest, it’s hard to talk about celebrity style seriously. Although I can’t help my obsession with People Magazine and all major awards show red carpets, celebrities have stylists who basically put clothes in front of them and say, “I promise this will look good on you.” And it does.

But Emma Watson is someone I love seeing on the street. She’s so cool…but in an understated way. And she goes to college. Which is also cool. And obviously everyone knows this haircut makes her awesome too:

So, wanna see some of my faves?

Here we go

What looks are y’all’s favorites? Is there another celebrity/model that I should do a collage of? These are so inspiring!

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Peplum Princess

It seems like this trend showed up on the runways last year for Spring/Summer 2011 shows, but it’s now finally started completely filtering through all types of lines and price ranges. I saw these images on Pinterest, but have y’all seen any you really like in stores? Do y’all have any peplum dresses or shirts? I love them but I definitely don’t think they’re for everyday- they need more drama!

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Blake Lively is perfect

AND supposedly does not have a stylist. WHAT?!


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