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Really, South Carolina?

Really, Columbia South Carolina? It’s as cold now as it is in Paris? Don’t you think there’s something a little wrong when I wake up in the morning shivering inside my house? The high will be in the 90s later this week…let’s do an even compromise: a nice 77 degrees. Come on, I know you can do it.


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What did/do y’all wear in college? It’s so easy to be a slob, so it’s hard to get up in the morning and actually get an outfit together, knowing that you’ll be trudging around campus all day. Comfort is definitely the main criteria. And loose, since the highs will be up in the 80s very soon. I need to start taking a sue from a few of these ladies:


Photos via Pinterest

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Charleston Day Trip

My friend Savannah and I went to Charleston for the day yesterday to enjoy our Spring Break a little, and I remember why I loved it there so much. I lived in Charleston for a  few months in 2010, then moved back to Columbia, but it was so fun living in such a vibrant city with so much good food and shopping within walking distance of everything. We didn’t get to go to the beach, which is one thing that I’d really looked forward to, but we were able to go to the Cistern at College of Charleston, the Charleston Market, Forever 21 (which took the place of the giant Saks Fifth Avenue when it closed), and explore King Street. Have any of y’all been to Charleston?

And how pretty is my friend?? you might remember her from our excursion to the river a few months ago.

This is the entrance to the Charleston Market, which was created in 1807. You walk in between the two sets of stairs and vendors sell everything from salt water taffy to fine jewelry, art, and cooking books. You really never know what you’ll find.

Apparently now the market also has restaurant kiosks! Everything smelled and looked delicious!

We stopped by the fountain in front of the Charleston Place Hotel, where people like Oprah and Faith Hill have stayed! Very fancy if you ask me…

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Bikini Weather

While I’m on Spring Break lounging around home, literally doing nothing besides waking up late, reading, and enjoying the pretty weather that’s (for now) been gracing South Carolina with its presence, there are people going somewhere even warmer, and a little more tropical. It hit me today that girls have actually already begun buying bathing suits (in February!) and are galavanting around in them on white sand beaches in places like Costa Rica and St. Thomas and the Bahamas.

I know that Target and Victoria’s Secret and department stores stock up on their swimwear ridiculously early, but during the winter, right after Christmas, THEN Valentine’s day, I’m in absolutely no mood to go shopping for bathing suits. So since I won’t, I’ll just look at the ones I do like. Here are some of my faves that I will not be touching with a 10 foot pole for at least another two months.

Photos via Victoria’s Secret

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Be jealous


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Chicago Summers

Hi everybody! I have an opinion question for y’all…I’m going to a wedding in Chicago this upcoming July, and of course I’ve already started thinking about dress attire. The wedding will be in the evening, but seeing as how I haven’t gone to many weddings (I think three?), I don’t know what would be a good idea to wear 1) in Chicago weather, 2) at the wedding and/or rehearsal dinner, and 3) just walking around like a super stylish tourist. I’m pretty sure the wedding dress code is a little more casual than cocktail attire. Any ideas?

Have any of y’all ever been to Chicago? And is there anything that I DEFINITELY have to see? I’ll be there for a couple of days before the wedding, so I’ll have time to spend just walking around.

By the way, you can buy that printed map if you click on it- it’s only $35!

Here are some of my ideas…





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Leopard, leopard

How much do y’all love this leopard scarf? This girl kind of reminds me of a young Jenna Lyons…which means I now need a leopard scarf.

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