About Emily

Hmm where to start…


season: fall/winter (like November), candy: twizzlers or sour patch kids, nail polish: Essie, holiday: Christmas, website: this one duh, possession: DSLR 3100 or my iPhone, hobby: SEC football and redecorating any/every room I can, chain store: TARGET DUH

This or that:

night/morning: evening time, dog/cat: both!, email/note: note, book/movie: book, beach/mountains: both!, silver/gold: silver, flats/heels: flats, hair up/down: up, manicure/pedicure: pedicure, modern/traditional: both!


4 responses to “About Emily

  1. Hi, cute about you! Feel free to stop by my own blog 🙂

  2. Tabea

    I love the Nails most. *.*

  3. Cat

    Hi emily! I couldn’t find an email address so I am just going to put my message here. I wanted to say that your blog is so wonderful and such an inspiration for me. I just started blogging very recently and being able to see such a carefully curated blog is truly inspiring!

    Stay awesome!

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