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Nail Polish Heaven

Okay. Y’all. I’ve seriously found the best website ever if you’re obsessed with nail polish and designs. Whoever runs Pshiiit is a genious. Like hands down. She posts beautiful photos all the time of her crazy amazing designs! The website is in French, which makes it that much cooler…and harder to read so Google is great for helping with the translation 🙂

I have a giant blog crush now. *adding to bloglovin*

Photos via Pshiiit


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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Girl Edition

I’ve never been a fan of big gifts on Valentine’s Day- I guess it just seems unnecessary to me. Save the nice presents for Christmas or my birthday. A nice card, maybe a little gift, or flowers would be sweet enough gestures for me. So, if you’re wanting a little something for Valentine’s day that isn’t in the shape of an engagement ring box, I found some sweet gifts anyway.

If I had a beau for Valentine’s Day (commence crying) this is what I would ask for. Are there any little trinkets on your lists?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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Daily Favorite

Mint chocolate chip ice cream get in my belly NOW. And I would also like that red on my nails!
This makes me wish it were summer and I’m sitting on my front porch with some ice cream and a good book.

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Gel Manicures

I have an announcement: I got my first manicure yesterday. YES, my first professional manicure. It was thrilling. I’ve had pedicures before, but this was brand new to me at the ripe old age of nineteen. And to make it even more special I got a gel manicure. The manicurist suggested one because I have a bad habit of picking at my polish, so this is perfect!

I used the color You Don’t Know Jacques, which is kind of a brownish grayish purplish color. I’m usually into bright nail polishes but this is so nice and understated! Especially since this is supposed to last for 2-3 weeks I know that I won’t get tired of it. Here it is as a normal polish.

Have y’all gotten gel manicures before? I hadn’t realized how much UV light they expose your fingers to! I loved how fast the polish dried (besides that I didn’t have to mess with it), but I did get a little nervous about the safety. I read this article (and this one) and may have to re-think getting gel manicures regularly. Anybody have any good/bad experiences with them?


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Daily Favorite

The first time I saw Sex and the City, Carrie has these key covers in the shape of a house, etc. They were SO cute, but I can’t find them anywhere. This picture was on Pinterest and they’re gorgeous! I need to do this ASAP!


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All that glitters

Since I’m pretty fair-skinned I can’t wear much gold without looking weird- generally silver looks better on me. BUT a platinum kind of gold I think is universally flattering, along with rose gold. These are some of my favorite platinum gold pieces. What do you think? Is there anything that I missed?

1. ban.do heart headband 2. Free People Fever Sequin Bodycon Skirt 3. Pinterest 4. Minoux Tiny Bar Necklace 5. Champagne Sequin Dress 6. Zara Blouse with Gold Thread 7. Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy Necklace 8. Kate Spade Sparkler Missy

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Pretty Nails

Since I’m currently in the middle of an at-home pedicure (sadly only pink, OPI Tutti Frutti Tonga, to be exact) here are some nail jobs I think are crazy good!

photos from tumblr

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