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Patterned Tights with Ashley Olsen

I’m not big on patterned tights. Usually, I think they should be black during the winter or that’s all…but Ashley Olsen knows JUST how to pull them off without looking like she actually put thought into looking so good. It’s a little annoying. But also amazing.

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Be jealous


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A Day at the River

Hi everyone! I hope y’all’s weather has been as great as it has in South Carolina! Today my friend Savannah and I went down to the Riverwalk along the Congaree river. I love going down to the water in the winter! Here are some pictures of our fun day- I’m dreading the countdown to classes starting on Monday…

By the way, this is a new top that I’m proud of because I got it on sale at LOFT this weekend AND because I’ve been trying to get shirts that aren’t just cotton. This is a blouse, not a t shirt, and I love it. And I also got this blouse.

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Baby it’s cold outside…

But really. This is the forecast for Columbia tonight:

Yes, I know it’s at night, but for someone who is used to highs of around 70 degrees in January, that is so cold! Which is why for the next few days until Sunday, when the high really is 70 degrees, I will be lovin on these:

How is the weather where y’all are? Do you have any go to coats or brands to keep warm? I feel like I can’t find any reliable brands except Patagonia, but those aren’t super stylish.

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