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Bouquet and etcetera

Okay so maybe these aren’t technically a bouquet…but the title sounded good so just go with it.

It kind of looks like a bouquet right? I think it’s gorgeous!

If someone made this for me right now I would not complain. Actually I think I might fall in love.

If I could have this hair I would be one very happy lady. Realistically, the dramatic blonde ends wouldn’t look as good if she were standing straight up, but if I had that hair I would be in that same position. All day. So my hair would look awesome.

These are just pretty. I want pink. I want to be on the water. And I want some ribbons. Is that too much to ask for?

Photos via Pinterest

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Daily Favorite

The colors on these animals are ridiculous. If you’re looking for inspiration, just look outside!


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A Day at the River

Hi everyone! I hope y’all’s weather has been as great as it has in South Carolina! Today my friend Savannah and I went down to the Riverwalk along the Congaree river. I love going down to the water in the winter! Here are some pictures of our fun day- I’m dreading the countdown to classes starting on Monday…

By the way, this is a new top that I’m proud of because I got it on sale at LOFT this weekend AND because I’ve been trying to get shirts that aren’t just cotton. This is a blouse, not a t shirt, and I love it. And I also got this blouse.

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