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Blog Change

Hi y’all! I’m sorry it’s been forever since I’ve posted here- this summer’s been busy! BUT I’ve decided to move blogs over to the Blogger platform. I’ll be updating much more regularly than I did this summer, and I hope that some of y’all will care to stop by my new blog and take a look! Here is the link:



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No Big Deal…

Just skyping with Weego from the Superbowl Bud Light Commercial. Whatevs, it’s a normal afternoon at the University of South Carolina.

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Eight Things

I saw this while I was stalking Cupcakes and Cashmere from like two years ago and it looked like fun! Apparently to do it you’re supposed to be tagged by another blogger…but I’m impatient and want to do it on my own. So here goes!

Things I’m Passionate About
-Lunch (Did y’all see that New Girl episode with Jason Stackhouse from True Blood? Priceless.)
-Reading style books…but maybe not completely finishing them
-70 degrees and breezy
-Magazines, any and all
-Nail polish
-Edisto, SC
-My fam

Things I Say Often
-Oh my God, no but really
-You’re JOKING
-Sooo how was your day?
-This is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened in my life ever!
-Ready Freddie?
-Do not tell me you haven’t dried yet (to my nail polish)
-It’s so gross outside

Books I’ve Read Recently
-The Help, Kathryn Stockett
-Bossypants, Tina Fey
-Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson

Songs I Can Listen to Over and Over
-I Can’t Make You Love Me, Bonnie Raitt
-Desire, Ryan Adams
-Smoke Rise, Zac Brown Band
-Baby Don’t Cry, Cadillac Sky
-Amie, Pure Prairie League
-Doubting Thomas, Nickel Creek
-Stand By Me, John Lennon
Everything by James Taylor

Things that attract me to my best friends
– They are stupid
– They know that I’m stupid, so they don’t hold it against me
– They tell me I’m pretty even when I look rough
– They tolerate my driving
– They (mostly) have southern accents
– They all have proper grammar
– They tell me the truth
– They make me laugh harder than I usually do…which often makes crying ensue

Things I want to do before I die
– Go scuba diving with whale sharks!
– Live in Paris for an extended period
– Decorate my whole house exactly the way I want it to be
– Get married and have SUPER cute babies
– Keg stand…you think I’m joking
– Adopt a billion puppies
– Treat my mom and daddy to a really nice surprise
– Make sure all of my family and friends know how much I love them

Anyone else? I wanna hear y’all’s answers too!

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Just my opinion…

I’ve loved Kate Upton since I saw this video of her. She is beautiful and obviously successful since she’s already been a VICTORIA’S SECRET model at age NINETEEN (same as me).

I just have a quick question for Kate, though.

Were they out of a size medium?

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Hey Girl

I know I don’t have to reiterate my undying love and devotion for Ryan Gosling…but these are hilarious.

Photos via Pinterest

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Daily Favorite

Words to Live By:

Photo via Pinterest

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Superbowl Commecial Faves

How many of y’all were disappointed in the quality of the ads from last night? Not saying they weren’t funny, I’m just used to being shocked, and none had that super wow thing I was wanting. I’m in a Superbowl class and we watched it as a class, and voted on our favorites. What were yours? Here are some of mine (the longer versions):

CALM yourself woman!

I mean it’s pretty obvious why I like this commercial…

My class voted this one their favorite, so we’re inviting the ad agency to come speak to our class!

Clint Eastwood…I love you!

2nd Place winner

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