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Jessica Stam’s Hair Change

Hi y’all! Sorry I’ve been away for so long! I made a pretty big move after I got a new internship (yay!), and with that and various life events, this blog has suffered. For that, I’m sorry! But I’m back with a new post that I’m very passionate about- i.e. Jessica Stam’s new choice of hair color. I’ve always been a big Jessica fan, and like most models, she looks really good blonde. I’m not opposed to any hair color change. I like when people are adventurous with their hair. Just because I can’t dramatically dye my hair blonde or red doesn’t mean that no one else can…but Jessica has made a mistake, me thinks. I miss the blonde! Bring it back please, Jess! PS- love you!

What do y’all think? Good change? Bad change? Discuss.

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Pretty Faces

While I was searching for my Jessica Stam post material I cam across this video done by Naq Lee. While I think some of these models could definitely benefit from a cheese burger…and a whole pie, it’s so cool to see these pretty girls all lined up next to each other. Their features are so different, but they are all, at least mostly, what we would call “pretty” or “beautiful.” It makes you question what really makes up a pretty face. Is it a slender nose, wide set eyes, pale skin, or a full mouth? These girls could not look any different from each other, but they all are beautiful. It proves that there isn’t a set standard for “pretty”…besides being rail thin. But whatevs.

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Monday Model: Jessica Stam

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while- a lot of school things have been piling up on my plate, so now that I’m done with those I can get back to some of the important stuff, mainly clothes and pretty things that I can’t buy.

That being said, I saw a new campaign for Paule Ka Spring 2012 featuring Jessica Stam, who used to be one of my all time favorite models, but I hadn’t seen or heard of her lately (probably because I hadn’t been looking hard enough). Pictures of Jessica, along with Karlie Kloss, Lily Cole, and Gemma Ward were plastered on my walls for years from my tearing out editorials from Teen Vogue and all the other magazines that I spend way too much money on (you know…Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire). So these are some recent photos and oldies of beautiful Jessica Stam.

Photos via Fashion Gone Rogue

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