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Model Obsession

I might be a little late on the band wagon, but I’ve found my new model crush: Barbara Palvin. I’ve literally seen her all over Pinterest, Tumblr, and other fashion sites, but had no idea who she was until I came across her name a couple of days ago! I can’t get over her eyes and her eyebrows- I’m so insanely jealous. I have blue eyes and very thin eyebrows, so of course I want what I can’t have. And that porcelain skin. is. flawless. Considering she’s younger than me…and an international model…if given the chance i would totally take a couple of days in her shoes. Totally.

Photos via Pinterest


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Eye love eyebrows

I’ve always had pretty thin eyebrows, so I’ve never experienced the whole “waxing” phenomenon, but I know plenty of people who make regular appointments to get theirs done. Mine have never taken up that much time, so I was definitely surprised the first time I saw a woman with TATTOOED eyebrows. It blew my mind. Why would you want to keep your eyebrows one way forever? They can make your face look so different any way you shape them!


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