My Kinda Hardware

I’ve had a giant crush on Anthropologie ever since I walked into the store in Charlotte’s South Park mall a few years ago. I can’t afford a lot of the goods they have (it turns out love can’t get you everything), but that won’t stop me from crushing on them. I’ve been thinking lately of how to re-do my the dresser I have in my room that belonged to my great grandmother without completely changing it, in case I decide to get a new one. I’m thinking some new handles would look great on it, so of course Anthropologie was the first place I looked. What do y’all think?

Photos via Anthropologie


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3 responses to “My Kinda Hardware

  1. I love Anthropologie too! All the little knick-knacks they have make me spend wayy too long in that store. The blue dotted knob is definitely my favorite. It could really change the look of a dresser 🙂

  2. Makes me want to go knob shopping (of the inanimate kind!) 🙂

  3. I love every single one of those pieces of hardware. I love when I find someone who loves handles and knobs as much as I do! My favorites from above are the ones with the orange flower and the cream colored one with the turquoise circles right under it.

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