I belong in Mad Men

This is a short post (sorry, blame accounting!), but I’m super excited because I just got my dress for my cousin’s wedding in July. Actually, I’m lying, it’s not the wedding dress. The dress I’m wearing to the wedding I got a few years ago, but I’ve never worn it. I’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it and now I’ve found it! The rehearsal dinner isn’t as dressy as the wedding and I’ve been budgeting about $150 for a dress to wear. I’m not a big fan of JC Penney’s (the general lack of organization in the store really get to me, and I usually don’t find their clothes to be of great quality), but this dress s changing my mind. I feel like I belong in the 60s, like Betty Draper in Mad Men.

It looks super simple, but it’s all cotton and the shape is beautiful. It was $50, so being $100 under budget was definitely a plus. Now I’m beyond excited for the wedding!




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2 responses to “I belong in Mad Men

  1. That dress is TOOO Adorable!

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