Nightly Beauty Routine

What products (if any) do y’all use before bed? Until recently I did nothing! Just put on my pajamas, brush teeth, floss (sometimes…) and then lights out! I’ve always washed my face in the shower, and I’ve had clear skin my whole life, so I never washed my face before bed either, unless I had sweated or something. Makeup taker-offer cloths took off my makeup. My routine was simple, to say the least.


1. Olay– Now, however, I feel so much more adult and responsible and sophisticated. Since I have such fair skin, and I would really rather not have wrinkles in my 20s, I use the same daily Olay lotion every night and morning on my face. Of course, it’s the same one my mom has used for years.

2. Clinique– In looking for a dark under eye circle fixer lotion last year I stumbled across Clinique’s All About Eyes Rich in Sephora. Though it hasn’t helped a lot with the dark circles, I can already tell the skin around and under my eyes is much smoother and more hydrated. It’s really light too, and it makes me think that I’ll never have crows feet or under eye bags.

3. Nivea– And of course, since my lips are ridiculously prone to chapping, I love Nivea. It’s actually replaced Burt’s Bees, which I wore for years.

4. Biore– About once a week before I go to bed, while reading my endless stack of magazines that seems to never get smaller, I put on a Biore Pore Strip on my nose. It sounds disgusting actually ripping it off after 15 minutes, but it’s cool to actually see how much it takes out of your pores!

5. St Ives– Is it just me, or does anyone else love mud masks? They’re a pain to take off, but I love feeling the mask tightening my skin. Does it actually really tighten my skin? I don’t know. But I do it for the mental happiness. It’s my once a week party.

6. Neutrogena– And finally, when I do wash my face, my grapefruit scented face wash does the trick and makes my skin soft and smell delicious!

7. John Frieda– Since I have my skin and lips covered I really want to try the repair serum by John Frieda. Does anyone use it and like it?



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