I have a crush on Pottery Barn

Living in Charleston for the almost four months that I did was amazing…partially because I was literally right next to King Street (aka Heaven) and Pottery Barn was only a few blocks away from my dorm. My roommates and I would take day walks to Pottery Barn just to ooh and ah at the lamps, throws, and decorations that we couldn’t afford or even be able to put in our 10 x 12 rooms (shared by two). Early December, which for college students, is the most stressful time because of exams and impending hours of studying, was so magical in Pottery Barn. Women would go in to Christmas shop for others and for themselves, and I tried to shop for my mom and some relatives. The warm smell of cinnamon filled the store. I only recently started getting the Pottery Barn catalog since I moved back to Columbia, and I desperately wish there were a store near here. I miss being able to physically walk around the goods.

Does anyone else get this with Pottery Barn? Is it just a southern thing?

Photos via Pottery Barn

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One response to “I have a crush on Pottery Barn

  1. That bed frame from the first photo is perfect!! i can see it looking amazing in so many different rooms, including my own 🙂 xx

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