Earthy Tones

I love really bold and unexpected colors and decorations when I’m touring homes or looking at apartments on…just not in my house. I usually stick to the basics and neutrals, which is why I love this room I found in Lonny magazine (look at it in this month’s issue here). What do you think? Too plain? Or a nice change of pace from turquoise blue and purples?

Decorations and furniture from West Elm


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2 responses to “Earthy Tones

  1. I think the color combination is really lovely! The nice thing about a more earthy-toned base room like that is that you can add bold color, if you like, in things are easily switched out (like pillows, etc.). Your inspiration room seems like it would be such a calming room to hang out in.

  2. Clare

    Earth tones are always a win. I LOVED the comment you left on my blog — it made “lol”. Girl you keep loving Twilight. More power to you!!

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