Top Knots

Top knots are legit how I wear my hair a good 75% of the time. I just get too annoyed with my hair down and then get frustrated at my various hair care products, then at my hair, then at myself. Ipso facto, the easy top knot. Though I’m sure these girls’ hair looks 10 times better than mine.

What do y’all think? Do these look cute and easy or just kind of sloppy?

Photos via Glitter Guide Pinterest




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3 responses to “Top Knots

  1. mel.

    I love this look! I have been trying it with my hair but it’s so fine that the bun just becomes this tiny little nob on my head. I think I may need to tease my hair a little to get some volume first.

    Mel. x

  2. I love top knots 🙂 I think they’re adorable, & as you said, very easy to make on a bad hair day! simply! 😀

  3. obsessed with topknots….and i ALWAYS do the sock bun. its just too easy to not wear it a couple times a week.

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