Nail Polish Heaven

Okay. Y’all. I’ve seriously found the best website ever if you’re obsessed with nail polish and designs. Whoever runs Pshiiit is a genious. Like hands down. She posts beautiful photos all the time of her crazy amazing designs! The website is in French, which makes it that much cooler…and harder to read so Google is great for helping with the translation 🙂

I have a giant blog crush now. *adding to bloglovin*

Photos via Pshiiit


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4 responses to “Nail Polish Heaven

  1. omg they are all so beautiful! but i really love the mustache! super cute!!!

  2. CinZilicious

    WOW, thanks a mill for sharing this because i’m sucha nail-freak!!!! The first image with the moustache is sooo adorable, haha


  3. i’m ALWAYS looking for new nail ideas… thank you for a new website to stalk! xoxo.

  4. Might be all in French but I am <3ing the PSHIIIT website! Some gorgeous manis!

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