Cosmetic Brands that Test on Animals

After finally getting around to watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes (which is really good, by the way), I got super interested in making sure that none of the products I use on a daily basis do animal testing. It just makes me so sad to think about all of those little mice caged and injected or coated with products that scientists and companies aren’t willing to test on people in the first place.

And ignorance really is bliss. I found so many of my favorite companies on Animal Testing lists. Tomorrow I’m going out to buy new soap, nail polish (I’m so sad I have to kiss all of my essie polishes goodbye), shampoo, and makeup. I’ve also contacted Essie and OPI about their animal testing (OPI says they don’t do animal testing, but the company that does own them, does). With y’all’s help we can stop animal testing from our beloved makeup lines! Even if you continue to use them, any added pressure helps!

Here are the links to contact the above companies:

L’Oreal Essie Pantene Suave Olay Dove Neutrogena Covergirl Crest

Click here to see a video about how to reliably know if a company is cruelty-free

Here is a list I’ve compiled of companies and products that DO test on animals. Please tell me if you find one that is actually cruelty-free!



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