Taylor Momsen and Marchesa

I’ve loved Marchesa ever since I saw Jessica Alba’s Oscar gown in 2008.

I haven’t, however, been a big fan of Taylor Momsen since she stopped looking/acting like the sweet Jenn Humphrey I had grown so accustomed to in 2007-2009.

And since she started doing things in public like this:

BUT I think my little beloved Jenny might be coming back just a little bit, because at the Marchesa fashion show last week Taylor showed up and looked gorgeous! I even took a picture with my phone…of the television because I thought her blue eyeshadow was so pretty!

No matter if you like the girl or not, you can’t deny…girlfriend looked awesome at the show. And so did that gorgeous black lace dress she was wearing. Marchesa can do no wrong.

PS- This is Taylor Momsen in Marchesa in 2008





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One response to “Taylor Momsen and Marchesa

  1. I totally agree with you! Taylor owned that lace Marchesa gown!

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