What pretty colors

Since I painted my bedroom last semester (from three green, one purple wall, to all Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies a la this room), I’ve been searching for pretty art to put up on my walls. But I’ve found something out that I didn’t think I would…it’s hard to find good art, y’all. Like really. The right size, the right colors, the right price…it’s tiring.

Of course Pinterest is the perfect place to find the best art pieces and artists. Here are a few of my favorites. Do you like them?



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4 responses to “What pretty colors

  1. I like the one with the black circle in the middle the most. It’s like a swirling winter wind.

  2. I live with a very similar color in my bedroom and dining room. It’s hard to advise you on art without any idea what other colors are also in that room…

    But only based on the wall color, go with the top image and the one with the turquoise and brown, in the bottom row.

    I’d print up my own pix, in black and white, and put ’em into frames you’ve painted a gorgeous color…

    • Thanks! As for now I don’t have a whole lot of color in my room- all of my furniture is dark brown and my duvet is white with medium blue designs. I have a few framed pressed ferns on my wall, but besides that, that’s it! I’ve been looking for something to bring a pop of pinks, greens, oranges, or yellows to off-set the cool tones in here!

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