Short Style

I don’t have the bone structure, but I’m loving short hair cuts lately. I never realized how many different ways to make short hair look awesome! I cut my hair about chin length-ish a few years ago after seeing this pic of Ashley Olsen’s haircut, and it did not work out. I vowed to never do it again. BUT these ladies can rock it!

What kinds do y’all like? The short and sweet or cuts that have some longer, choppy lengths?



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2 responses to “Short Style

  1. I love short hair. I’m growing mine out now and it’s a b*tch and a half. It’s about to my chin now… I don’t have the face for long hair so I kind of want to cut it lol. I’ve always loved short hair. I get bored when it gets long 😀
    Carey Mulligan is by far my favorite you have up, though

  2. LOVE Carry Muligan’s and Kiera Knightly. So sexy!

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