Gel Manicures

I have an announcement: I got my first manicure yesterday. YES, my first professional manicure. It was thrilling. I’ve had pedicures before, but this was brand new to me at the ripe old age of nineteen. And to make it even more special I got a gel manicure. The manicurist suggested one because I have a bad habit of picking at my polish, so this is perfect!

I used the color You Don’t Know Jacques, which is kind of a brownish grayish purplish color. I’m usually into bright nail polishes but this is so nice and understated! Especially since this is supposed to last for 2-3 weeks I know that I won’t get tired of it. Here it is as a normal polish.

Have y’all gotten gel manicures before? I hadn’t realized how much UV light they expose your fingers to! I loved how fast the polish dried (besides that I didn’t have to mess with it), but I did get a little nervous about the safety. I read this article (and this one) and may have to re-think getting gel manicures regularly. Anybody have any good/bad experiences with them?



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4 responses to “Gel Manicures

  1. Holly J

    I’ve never had a gel manicure before, but I have done acrylics, and hated them. My hands looked like talons! I rarely get my nails professionally done now, but that’s because it’s really expensive where I live. Yours looks lovely though! I love the color. Very chic.

  2. I like it! 🙂 I usually don’t get manicures either because I’m constantly washing my hands and end up peeling the polish off…But I’m tempted to try it now. So, with a gel manicure, they put it on your own nails, or is it like getting acrylics? From the pic it looks like that’s your natural nails. I’m a little confused about that…

  3. Thanks! I personally had a great experience with the woman who did my nails, and she seemed very knowledgable. The way she did it was she put on a first coat of clear polish, then I put my nails under a UV light. After a few minutes she added one coat of the color, then back under the UV light, then another coat. After that’s been dried under the light she put two coats of a super sealing top coat, and then I put my fingers under the UV light again. As soon as you take your nails out of the light they’re 100% dry! It’s a little thicker than normal manicures, but it lasts so much longer!

  4. CinZilicious

    WOW, i love that color! Perfect for the winter=)

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your first professional mani and i’m sure there will be more to come now right? 😉


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