New Shoes!

If you could see me every day, you’d know that I don’t wear tons of bright colors, no matter how much I love them on other people. I wear lots of neutrals, like tan and black, with prints (leopard, etc.) and basic, black or brown shoes. I’ve been meaning to punch it up a bit and get some fun colored shoes since I already got my leopard and metallic flats. BUT today, after returning a pair I got for Christmas that didn’t fit, I got these Simply Vera Wang flats from Kohl’s! I’m normally not a Kohl’s person since the clothes are pretty unpredictable for me, but these shoes are great! They’re so comfortable and the picture doesn’t do them justice. The price doesn’t hurt too bad either!

Have y’all ever gotten clothes or shoes from Kohl’s that were really good or bad? I typically just don’t trust the quality. We’ll have to see about these though…


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