Cocoa and Hearts

Unfortunately I am a poor college student, so a lot of things I post on this website are products of my champagne taste. Keeping them from being in my possession is my never ending beer budget…but that won’t stop me from dreaming! Cocoa and Hearts is a website where painter/blogger Jen Ramos shows off and sells her gorgeous, unique paintings! Besides the fact that they’re one of a kind, Jen’s color palettes are beautiful and perfect for lighting up a room! She does small pieces and large ones, in various styles, from bright streaks of color to mixed and matched polka dots.

What do y’all think? Do you like these or are you more into prints and graphic designs?



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3 responses to “Cocoa and Hearts

  1. I love them! You could buy a piece and decorate a whole room based on the colors! So pretty.

  2. thanks so much for writing about my work! :)))

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