People’s Choice Awards

So when I wrote the post about the Golden Globes coming up, I completely didn’t realize that the PCAs were last night! BUT upon seeing the outfits…I was completely unimpressed. I think the PCAs is when celebrities try out their crazy outfits instead of at the Golden Globes, since it’s a little more formal. What did y’all think? These are some of the outfits that caught my eye.

I normally love Lea Michele’s fashion choices, but this one leaves me stumped…maybe it’s that she took the 20’s look too far with this dress? I can’t decide. I think I would’ve wanted to see something more playful and fun.

Miley always keeps me guessing. When I first saw this dress from the front I thought she looked amazing! But now that I see the back (and how high the mesh goes), it looks fun, but I don’t think I like it as much. It just looks like she’s trying to get everyone to see her behind. Though I am in loooove with those shoes!

Julianne Hough is so pretty but I’m not a fan of this dress. And it’s not actually the whole dress…it’s the back. I love backless dresses (a la Kate Hudson in this number), but Julianne’s goes too low, so it ends up a little trashy, especially with the sheer panels on the sides.

Ginnifer, just cut off the poofy ends of the sleeves, and I would forever love you.

Maybe Lucy Hale couldn’t decide if she wanted a long dress or a short dress, so she decided on both. I think had it been kept short, she would have been the best dressed of the evening!

1. Sharon looks gorgeous in this dress! 2. What the hell would you call that shade on Kelly’s hair? 3. Maybe Kelly wanted to look so young that she went back to ill-fitting t-shirt and long skirt 1st grade? I can’t decide what to think.

All I’m thinking is that she’s a fish caught in a net.

What do y’all think? Am I completely wrong here and just not seeing the light that everyone else is seeing? All of these just make me a little blue…

All photos via People



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3 responses to “People’s Choice Awards

  1. Julianne Hough and Miley Cyrus were hands down my favs out of these pics! Loved their outfits.

  2. I like Lea Michele’s dress, but it looks too old on her…I said the same thing with Kelly O.’s hair. What the?! Gotta give her credit though…I love her on Fashion Police!

  3. So true! That show is so bad, but SO good! They’re hilarious!

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