Put a ring on it

I’m in college, with no boyfriend, but I’m obsessed with everything weddings (don’t judge me). For me, it’s a two way tie between the dress and the ring being the most fun to stare at for hours on end. What do y’all think of these rings? For any of y’all who are married/engaged, what do your rings look like? What is your favorite setting or style?

and lastly a band for the groom!

Photos via Pinterest, Southern Weddings, and OnceWed


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One response to “Put a ring on it

  1. CinZilicious

    Yes, i dream of the day of my big wedding too and these rings are sooo pretty=) As for now, i still am looking for Mr. Right whilst trying to enjoy my life to the fullest as a singleton!!!!! We gotta embrace single days with pride and joy!!!

    I actually just attended my high school friend’s wedding at the Sheraton Hotel and it was such a breath taking and magical night. She had ordered a wedding planner and had all different tones of her fave purple colored flowers decorated on every single table and across the whole room. Simply a magical night!


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