Extra! Extra!

Today I FINALLY became a Marketing major, PR/Advertising Minor, which I’ve been working on since this time last year. Besides having that weight lifted off my shoulders, I’m so excited to be on the way to working on ad campaigns and finding out what appeals to customers like me! Here are some of my favorite fashion and non-fashion ads…

WARNING: This K-Swiss commercial with Kenny Powers is hilarious, but very inappropriate. Do not play around little ones or at work.

This is probably one of my favorite television ads of all time. It still gives me chills every time I watch it!



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2 responses to “Extra! Extra!

  1. Holly J

    That Mercedes ad is so clever! I would have never thought it was for a car. You know what ads always got me? The old school Calvin Klein ads-you know, the ones with Kate Moss and Christy Turlington. They were just so chic.

    • You’re so right! They were so simple and sleek. That’s what I like about a lot of these print ads- they don’t need a lot to send a message. They don’t spell it out for the viewer. I love the simplicity of them.

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