You need this now

I usually wouldn’t say “I have this and you need it because it’s wonderful” but this is legit serious. I have my serious face on right now as I’m typing this. I got the Dooney and Bourke Nylon North/South Triple Zip shoulder bag for Christmas because I’ve been dying for a good shoulder bag that is a decent size that I could wear tailgating to a football game. This is my new favorite bag, which is a big compliment. Not only is it relatively cheap (I mean for a good bag, $48 is awesome), but it’s light weight AND it has a bright pink interior so you don’t lose all of your stuff in the bottom! It has three zipper pouches but it’s not bulky at all. Do yourself a favor and get it- it comes in TONS of colors! I got the black with black trim!


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  1. Clare

    Hey Emily! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I am so happy to know yours now!

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